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Perhaps you’ve heard it said, “The Bible is a book of theology, it is not a book of science.” My contention is: “If we cannot believe the Bible with what it has to say relative to various scientific disciplines, how can we believe the Bible with what it has to say about Jesus?” Personally, I believe the Bible to be accurate relative to whatever topic is addressed within it. It IS interesting to note that the five major components found in any scientific discipline are found in the very first verse of God’s Word. This is to topic of discussion on this program.

2 Responses to “Program #4 – Genesis 1:1”

  1. Mark Sinner Says:

    Hi John! I’ve been listening to your radio webcasts, enjoying them very much.
    I watch the debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye, it was great! A question that needs to be asked of the evolutionist is; If God did not name the Earth, who did? Man gave pagan god names to the other 7 or 8 planets, (depends how you feel about Pluto). From what I’ve found is Earth ‘might be’ derived from Old English and German in origin, related to the Old Saxon ‘ertha’, the Dutch ‘aerde’, and the German ‘erda’. Which goes back to the Tower of Babel. Strong’s says eth!

    Take care and God Bless

  2. Dr. John R. Nay Says:

    Thank you for listening to my programs. All went well for 1 1/2 years, until I did a program on global warming (#65). Tolerance of varied views??

    Yes, the debate was great for an analytical person. Unfortunately, (a little cynical on my part) most of the evolution persuasion, contrary to what is touted, will put more weight on the presentation, rather than the validity of the information. The debate has certainly helped to get some thinking and discussing this vital topic. Again, perhaps a little on the cynical side, many churches, ministers, and professing Christian do not see the relevancy of the topic.

    Question: I do not know. I have never looked into this, nor have I been asked. Pluto; a planet, a Plutoid, or an oversized asteroid? As it sounds like you already know, the astronomers and astrophysicists are not agreed.
    It’s an interesting question and I’ll look into it.

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