Nov 01

What is it?  Clop, clop, clop, clop, clop, clop, bang, clop, clop, clop, clop, clop, clop, clop ——–

                                  A drive-by Amish shooting.     (I thought you’d get a bang out of this.)

Nov 03

Eve looked into Adam’s eyes and said, “Do you love me?” Adam looked into Eve’s eyes and said, “Who else!!??”

                                                                                                                   (Isn’t love beautiful : )

Nov 04

Adam looked into Eve’s eyes and said, “Honey, I’d die for you.”   Eve’s response, “Oh, Adam, you’re always saying that, but never doing it!”                                             : )

Nov 04

O.K., for all of you that consider yourselves quite knowledgeable of the Old Testament. The question is: “How long did Cain dislike his brother?”      This is not as hard as you think. You’re going to kick yourself. Well, here it is:      “As long as he was Abel of course!”                  : )   This should drive you to study more. 

Nov 06

Have you ever noticed that Non-Conformists are all alike?!?

Nov 08

This program is the concluding program of a series (Programs #41-46) in which we’ve been discussing the importance of reading the first eleven chapters of the Book of Genesis as literal history, i.e. there really was an Adam and Eve, a Garden of Eden, a Global Flood, etceteras.

Nov 08

On which side does a chicken have the most feathers?  

                         The outside, of course!     (O.K., perhaps it was a little foul)

Nov 08

When is a man not a man?   When he turns into an alley!    Come on, this IS pretty good.

Nov 09

What relatively recent invention allows a person to see through a wall?

           A window!     (See, you knew this one, although it might have been somewhat of a pane to figure out)

Nov 11

Can you name a nut that has no shell?     I do not wish to appear prideful, but I can ——

                            It’s a “Doughnut”!                     (It’s also much easier on dentures)