Jan 01

This program is the fifth program in a series that addresses the topic of whether the Creation Account of the Book of Genesis can be harmonized with the philosophy of Evolution.

2 Responses to “Program #53 – Creation/Evolution Scripturally Harmonized?”

  1. Leo Says:

    On the eternalness of matter: I remember studying this concept in my modern physics class. Albert Einstein theorized that when matter is converted to energy, if it were possible, it would to at a rate described by that famous formula of his: E=mCC. When American scientists developed a device that would convert mass into energy, they used it to end World War II. Are there really evolutionists who say that mass is eternal, in spite of the various forms of atomic power that disprove that?

  2. Dr. John R. Nay Says:

    Yes. The response I’ve received over the years from those that embrace the philosophy of evolution is that the Universe was formed by laws of physics that were different from the laws that now function relative (intentional) to matter. This is also basically what I have found in previous research relative to this topic.

    Philosophizing relative to this topic is one thing, but it is entirely different to refer to it as science.

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