Apr 24

Well, did you make it to the 2009 Boat Show?  No!  That’s really too bad, it had a yacht to offer. (This is really funny — it isn’t!!!  You see a “yacht” is a boat —- it was a “boat” show!  Get it? I’m really not trying to show-boat, just to get the point across. Ah, ——— never mind.

4 Responses to “2009 Boat Show”

  1. Bob Says:

    Maybe I’m tired, but for a moment I thought I got that one. I guess I am just dinghy.

  2. Dr. John R. Nay Says:

    It’s one thing to take a shot at making a better pun. It’s another thing to do it on MY SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Paula Says:

    John, I apologize for Bob. Sometimes I can’t fathom the depths he’ll sink to.

  4. Dr. John R. Nay Says:

    It’s one thing to be out-punned by a guy, it’s another to have a gal out-pun two guys!!!!!!

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