Sep 28

Two little boys playing marbles. A pretty girl walks by. One boy says to the other, “When I stop hating girls, she’s the first one I’m going to stop hating.”

Sep 28

What do you call a Kangaroo that is hooked on television?  

Why a “Pouch-Potato” of course!

Sep 29

So, just exacting what DO you call a broken boomerang?

Helloooo, a stick, of course!

Sep 29

Of course you know what you get when a dog gets into the chicken coop?

Why pooched eggs of course!!!!!        My word! Come on! You can do this!

Sep 30

I feel somewhat self-assured that all of you with ranching experience  will have no trouble with this one.

What do you call a milk cow that doesn’t give milk?

What!!!! You don’t know!!!!!!!    A “Milk-Dudd” of course!    I’m sooooo disappointed in you : (

Sep 30

It’s important to understand that in God’s design of things, even “goose bumps” serve a purpose. I know you’d really like to know what that purpose is; well, O.K. I’ll share.

To slow down speeding geese of course!

Foul you say?

Oct 01

There are three kinds of people, those who can count and those who can’t.  

    (Hmmmmmmm …. I can hear the wheels moving)

Oct 02

I probably should have named this, Basic Bible Geography and Nomenclature. O.K., for all of you that considers yourselves knowledgeable of the Bible and Bible places and names, here goes:

What do you call the little streams that flow into the Nile River?

       Why  Juveniles, what else!        If you didn’t know this, shame on you.

Oct 10

Now don’t go and get yourself offended. What do you call a sleep-walking Nun?

A Roman Catholic — what else?!

Oct 10

Have you heard about the new restaurant that just opened on the Moon?

The food is just out of this world, but (here it comes) the prices are sky-high and there’s absolutely NO atmosphere. Come on, you liked it and you know it!